A Few of Antalya's Natural Wonders

For last 6 years I couldn't been on abroad. Why ? Because of our currency is melting. I mean In 2014 1 USD dollar was 2,19 Turkish lira how about now around 6,85 Turkish lira & and our money melting regularly.  As a result it's becoming expensive to visit the other countries.
So I have decided to introduce beauty of Turkey. It's definitely more affordable. On the other hand, in my country there are hundreds of beauties to tell.

Well, in this post i would like to mention about 4 natural wonder which is located in Antalya.

Many of you knows that Antalya city the most touristic city in Turkey. Sun, beach, night club but my subject  about Bay &canyon ....

Let's begin;

Koprulu Canyon:

Located in Manavgat- Serik district, one of the largest canyon in Turkey.

Entrance is free. This national park is surrounded by cedar, red pine, cypress trees. Koprulu canyon around 14 km long& it is the most ideal rafting area and is also the most preferred place for extreme sports and camping. 
Many rafting companies will be waiting for you in the region.

Köprülü Canyon offers many activities due to its length. But first enjoy the view. 

If you want to stay in Köprülü Canyon National Park, there are mainly family-run hostels, bungalows, treehouses as well as motels in the residential areas of the region or you are in any part of Antalya, no worry! there are many daily tours are organized within activity package.

Besides this, there are two historic bridges at the start of the area also historical theatres, aqueducts and temples. 

Sapadere Canyon:

Sapadere Canyon, which has become a place frequented by those who want to get away from the summer heat and cool off for a bit, is a natural wonder worth seeing.

40 km from Alanya city center, 175 km Antalya Airport.
Located in Demirtas district. It's so easy to find. Just follow the sing when you arrive Demirtas. If have not a vehicle, in the city you easily gonna find tours to take you there.
 Canyon around 700-800 mt. long and one of
the best beautiful canyon in Turkey. There is a natural pool surrounded by trees at the entrance of canyon. Entrance fee is 10 lira & wooden hiking trail along the canyon. The hiking trails here are fairly well maintained.
There is also a cafeteria where you can relax and NOT have rich menu.

Some part of canyon you can swim but let you know water is stunning cold.

King's Pool:

Firstly i wanna inform that the navigation giving you wrong route. The pool in Serik- Gebiz district. Best way to find, ask the villagers when you arrive Gebiz town. From the Gebiz around 20 km to up to the Kozan village then find the restaurant, which is name Padnellisos and the owner Mr. Suleyman gonna give you best route. Finding the pool in another way can be difficult.
Also Mr Suleyman who take care of the pool maintenance. After parking the car closest land, you need to walk around little more than 1 km. Meanwhile don't forget to follow sign on the trees & rock.
The pool almost 20 mt. & at an altitude of 400 mt from the sea. Definitely natural wonder. Just one negative things, weekends might be crowded and pool just 20 mt. so it might be uncomfortable.

I highly advise you to make camp & enjoy the nature.
By the way no signal &internet.
Little warning before I finish.  The road after Gebiz town are bad &rough.

King's Bay:

Also known as hole sea. It's 25 km from Gazipasa and &65 km from Alanya. A steep and grounded path lead down to the King's Bay. While the ups and downs to the Bay area bit tiring, I think it's worth getting tired. The walkway takes 10 minutes. I recommend going with a suitable shoe as the landing path is very steep.
There are historical remains in Kings Bay,
History teeming with natural beauty.
The landscape you encounter when you reach here no doubt manages to fascinate you.
This Bay, which looks like a cave entrance, has the appearance of a large pool.
I especially recommend watching the sunset from the Bay.
Enjoy the nature.
See you on new post...

King's Bay
Sapadere Canyon


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