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25.03.2020 I lie down on the sofa, staying home for a week and I think it will be contunie for a while longer. As all we know, the cause is Corona virus, with the new name Covid-19.
I have been working in hospitality industry and currently not working at all and i have no idea when i can back to work. Offices, hotels closed, streets empty.

Corona virus impact all of the world and so far no solution. Scientists just offer us to stay at home.    Vaccination and medicine may release a year later.
Anyway I'm not trying to give you detail of virus. I'm not specialist of sickness.  Just thinking so far what's going on the world and why is happening often lately. Let's call this thinking out loud.

I have been checking www. latey. Deaths and cases incrising and continuing.
At the website as of March 2020, the world population is 7,773,332,850 . By 1960 the population was around 3 billion. By 1800 it was around 1 billion. The last 80 years have seen the population increase so rapidly. In another hand, unfortunately, soil, air, water are contaminated by human hand. Nature is being slaughtered.  Who knows, maybe Nature answer us.

We polluted the planet.

In the middle of Pasific ocean there are plastic waste in an area of 3 million square meters.

In Southeast Asia tropical forest are burned for palm oil trade or in Brazil, Amozon forest are being burned for mines. In the last 50 years, %17 of the Amazon Forest has been destroyed.Many similar negative examples can be given.
In the same time, animal and plant has gone and human settled there. Hereby, we have encountred viruses that we have not faced before. Accordind to expert, chemicals and radiations can have effected on the mutation. It seen clearly if we keep going recklessly, humanity gonna encounter other unknown virusses.

So far the world's greats powers has fail. Because most of the resourches are spent on military or finanscial services. What about the health care system???? That's a big question... 
Climate has warning us but no action because of commercial reason. Unfortunately money has overtaken everything in recent years.

Another big problem is the walls of people and Nations.
When the scientist or International healt organizations gave Nations  advise about changing their eating habits or hygiene; most likely they ll try to explain for some other reason and not accept it before they try to understand it. 
Or when you gonna talk critical sense about religion or tradition, you gonna get same style of respond. Actually everyone aware of that something going wrong but we don't like to get responsible thats why choosing to blame something else.

For example some of Chinese has been eating bats, mice, dogs. Specialists said that the virus infected by bats. As everyone knows, they are not recommended to be eaten. So when we suggest no longer eat that kind of animal, you would get respond that they have been eating for centuries, it should be another reason,!! yes the reason, may game of America!!.  I'm even not talking about hygiene.

In Iran, Shrines were closed by goverment due to the corona virus. But surplisingly, some of religious people reacted very much to this decision. Some people still think it ll be preserved in the sanctuary. Unfortunately, even in the 21ts century.

As sum up i'm not writing for blame any Nations but we have to aware of responsible to the world.
Every nation has to be self -critial
Time for to do some action, before being late.



Kaos said…
Dear Cetin, maybe all we need is accept to high population and waste of resources are our big mistakes. See you soon.
Vanja said…
Dear Cetin, this is a topic we can discuss for a long time. The time may give us some guidance, but we will probably never get the right answers. As for bats, they say, to transmit the virus, a mediator is needed. Just like SARS moved from them to humans through flying foxes. Also on YT there is a 2015 clip from TV RAI. Italians are reporting this virus and the Chinese are bragging about how they produced it. Did it get out of control now? Who knows...
cetindgr said…
Dear Kaos, I quite agree with you.
cetindgr said…
Dear Vanja,

Well maybe we ll never get right answer but anyway we need to stop eating habits which not recommended by authorities. That would be first step.

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