BOLU, The Country's Green Paradise

Bolu is a small Anatolian city with all the beautifull nature in the middle of two metropolitan.
Bolu-Ankara 190 km/Bolu-İstanbul 260 km.
Known as Turkey's green paradise; most part of the city is surrounded by forest.
The whole time of the year is home to many tourist. My aim is to reflect these beauties, albeit in part.

Bolu is about 200 km from  Ankara Esenboga and Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport. There are no coastal areas, but Akcakoca is very close to the coastal town.
It has a harsh climate, the winters are really cold and the summer season are short. It's a city with a high altitude. A region that receives heavy snowfall, but this situation is not a problem in terms of Transportation.  This city is also home to skiing in winter.   Kartal kaya ski center is one of the most popular winter sports destinations in the country.

There's not much I can tell you about downtown. The population of Bolu is around 200,000 people. There is almost no nightlife, only a movement of collegian. Therefore, the city has many cafes and fast food restaurants..
There are multiple shopping malls in the city(highway-14burda, ozdilek....), the impact of the position of two big cities. 

Bolu has very rich for organic products in the local markets of the region.
Famous for its delicious dishes and cooks, especially in the town of Mengen. The cooks of Mengen  works at the most popular places in Turkey. In addition, every year lunch festivals are held in city. 
Another popular product is chocolate,especially BOLCI brand.

Fountains is located in many parts of the city and I would say that you should taste the water from fountain. A lot of people here use water from the them to fill their homes. Kokez(which is name) water is really delicious.

Located in the Abant area of the city, there are many boutiques and 5-star hotels. On the Abant Road, on the edge of the lake, at the foot of Bolu mountain, there are hotels with beautiful nature. Prices are slightly higher than the country average, but definitely worth it.
I would like to tell you briefly about Koru Hotels Spa & Convention.
Hotel located at the foot of Bolu Mountain in Abant region.
One of Bolus oldest hotels; almost 40 years ago was completely renovated and updated as the largest Spa and Convention hotel in the region. The hotel at located in the 160000 M2 forest area with many different trees, Centuries-old trees, lake duck, trekking areas,  also has indoor gym and
football fields. For more details
A major disadvantage for the city is that it has recently been shaken by two major earthquakes, but it has recovered quickly. Unfortunately, the region of Bolu first degree earthquake zone.
Let me tell you about the most popular tourism destinations.
These are Abant Lake-Golcük-Yedi Goller - Goynük Cubuk Lake-Kartalkaya


The lake, formed on the Abant mountains at a distance of 30 km from the city center, is home to many guests every month of the year. The surrounding area of the lake is about 7 km and there are walking trails. 

There is a camping area, but not on the edge of the lake, but at the location designated by national parks, if you like to walk, you can go to the hills and watch the magnificent view.

There are enough restaurants - picnic –barbecue areas and even children's parks around the lake. You can rent a bike at the entrance of the park and take a ride.
Meanwhile, entrance fee to Abant nature national park, fees vary according to the type of vehicle.

Local bus services are available at regular intervals from the city center.
Check it out the webpage of public transportation.
Unfortunately the webpage  created only in Turkish. 


Located in Gölcük Nature Park, this lake is one of the most beautiful spots in the city.
This lake, which is a separate beauty in every season, is one of the most beautiful spots of the country.
It's 13 km from the city center. Entry fee, fees vary according to the type of vehicle. You can picnic in certain places in Gölcük. There are also several restaurants and cafés. At the entrance of the park, you can buy meat-charcoal and supplies. At restaurants and cafes, prices are also a bit higher in.
Although hiking trails are available, there are no camping areas in gölcük National Park.


Located 45 km north of Bolu, this magnificent natural wonder consists of 7 lakes. In winter, when the Bolu-Yedigöller route is closed, Mengen road is reached and transportation takes a little more. As a result of the closure of the valley of floating masses, it consists of 7 lakes from North to South.
Do not pass through the View Terrace without seeing this wonderful view
The National Park, which contains numerous plant species, has a mixed natural forest. Wonderful harmony of different colors. There are approximately 100 bird species in the National Park area.
The best time to visit the park is between April and November. I think that autumn is the right time within the possibility. That color will impress you more than anything.
Within the National Park there are bungalow-style accommodation options. Camping or caravan is allowed. Within the National Park there are bungalow-


As in other national parks, there is an entrance fee.
In the National Park can be visited by the Center for the production of deer. Places where you can eat or have breakfast are very limited and it is best to bring it yourself. Although there are tea and pancakes houses by the side of the road..

Located at 70 km north of Bolu.
About 10 km away from the Goynuk city center. There are only one restaurants around this natural lake surrounded by pine forests.

Trekking can be done on the plateau. Windmills made for filming earlier around the lake also add beauty. It could be a lot nicer if we had a little maintenance.

You also can do camping.

Winter sports centre is one of the country's most popular ski resorts.It is 2000 mt high.

A lot of luxury and comfortable hotels around the current or the surrounding highlands can also be camping. Winter sports can be done from December to mid-March. Winter snow thickness can reach up to 2 mt.
It is located at the top of Koroglu mountain, 45 km from Bolu Center.
Especially during the semester, many festivals are organized.

Believe me guys, city has many more outstanding place. I  just tried to introduce it in part as I mentioned above. Recommended at least 3 days and more, Daily trip make sure not enough to explore.I also recommed renting a car. It can be hard to see many of them without a car.
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