Safranbolu & Amasra; Two Unique Cities in the Black Sea Region

SAFRANBOLU which is listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco; AMASRA; the Pearl of the Black Sea.
The both destinations, there are unique beauties in the world, and my aim is to introduce these beauties to you.
Let's start with Safranbolu first.


Safranbolu is located in the Western Black Sea region.  When I first entered the city, I noticed that the historical traditional Turkish houses, especially the old Bazaar location.

Safranbolu houses are earthquake-resistant and are positioned in a way that does not cover each other's front and the sun. 

Mostly 2 or 3 coats, is designed as a plentiful pen.

The roads are in perfect harmony with the nature, the
architecture of the city.

The hotel I have chosen is the perfect combination of green and traditional architecture.
The Asmazlar mansion was the place where old government authorities were

accommodating and the country issues were discussed. Public works were discussed in the pool environment located inside the hotel. as the pool is constantly flowing, it is offered as a precaution to rest by others.
I spent most of my time traveling Safranbolu in the Old Bazaar. Also, one of the things that attracted my first attention was that there were many guests from Far East. I think almost all of them were Chinese.
The old bazaar is surrounded by many small shops, resteurants, cafes, local souvenir shops and shops selling many famous Safranbolu delights. Do not leave the city before you taste it.
 There are also historical baths
 and caravanserai in the old Bazaar. It is rumoured that the Imam gave healing in the historic Cinci Bath. Here I would like to mention also the only Safranbolu in Turkey just grows saffron crocus. It is said that this plant, which is said to be a lot of
giant, is capable of giving a watery yellow color that is 100,000 times its own weight. The people of the region use soup and pilaf with saffron. There is also tea available.

In Safranbolu is also some of the places you should see, Tokatlı Canyon and the Cave of Mencilis. Tokatlı Canyon and Crystal terrace are located 10 km from the city center. You can also enjoy the unique view from the crystal terrace. At 12 km distance from the city center, there is a huge mencilis cave with a length of about 6 kilometr. Thousands of years ago, people lived in caves hidden between trees for protection and settlement.
I had the opportunity to eat Peruhi from the local dishes of Safranbolu. the difference than Mantı; it has been made from a variety of cheese instead of meat.
Safranbolu hotels are usually made up of historic and 15-20-room mansions. Therefore, I suggest that you make early reservations especially for intensive periods. Otherwise, you may not find a place. Prices according to the average of Turkey can say appropriate.


This coastal settlement of the bartın district in the western Black Sea region is a small and cozy half island. You can think of Amasra as one of the places where you can see both historical and natural beauties.
It takes about 20 km from Bartın and 20-30 minutes by public transport.
This coastal city is called the pearl of the western Black Sea. The old name of Amastris.

Amasra has an ancient history,
the bridge connecting to the peninsula, dating back to the Roman period.
The first thing I did when I came to town was to go out to the tower of the lighthouse and watch the city from above. so beautiful that city, I'm sure you will not forget. you will see the rabbit island while you go to the Fener Tower, you can see the rabbits on the island with the binoculars located in certain places.
There are resteurants and cafes along the small harbor in the center. Raki, fish  also a special amasra salat is highly recommended. Besides, the seaside is full of seagulls and watching is a pleasure.

People generally swim around the big harbor. I did not get that chance because I came in late March.

The town I visited in the spring was very quiet and peaceful. The busy season is between June and August. I think it's more logical to get out of the busy months like May or October. Because the city is very small, you
may not enjoy the vacation because of the intensity.

Amasra is a small town, so there are a limited number of hotels. I would recommend booking early as in Safranbolu.
Prices are a bit expensive compared to Safranbolu.But this place is really worth it.

To be contunied with the new ones.....


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