Tirilye & Golyazi Town Where History and Nature Meet

 Turkey is a country full of different beauties in every field, many historical and natural attractions.
I hadn't traveled for a long time because of the program.I finally have got a week trip. I chose the provinces of Bursa, Karabuk and Bartin .

First of all, let's start from the Bursa Mudanya region, which is the first step of my holiday.

Mudanya, 45 km from the center in the north of Bursa and bordering the Marmara Sea, has many natural beauties as well as historical importance.

As it is known,the military part of the war of independence ended in Mudanya agreement in


Mudanya is a beautiful city built on the coast, and there is also a daily ferry service to Istanbul.

There are many restaurants and cafes in this town, which is established side of the sea and especially during the weekends, many people from neighboring settlements coming for brunch, breakfast.

The hotel I have chosen is a rarely found ship hotel and has a great view. The authentic ship hotel was built in 1961 in Scotland. It had started serving in Istanbul for the city lines and finished serving in 2006. Starting in 2008, in Mudanya has started to serve as a hotel.The interior of the hotel is very well designed, but the exterior of the hotel is obviously in need of some maintenance. Staff are friendly and helpful.

One of the reasons why I came to Bursa is the town of TIRILYE connected to Mudanya. Surrounded by olive groves, this quaint town is still living in old historic buildings. Trilye is an ancient Greek town. there are still historic churches in the town. Some of them have survived until now, and some of names are TAS mektep and DUNDAR house.  

 Some historic buildings have been restored, but many buildings are in ruins. In this small coastal town is has  marina.

The townspeople make money from olive cultivation. It is known that the olive of this region is very delicious. Do not leave without taking it. Shops selling many olives and olive oils will already be at your service. Many handmade souvenirs and natural handmade products are sold at the small bazaar.
  There are many boutique hotels in the area; prices are slightly more expensive than in Mudanya city center.

Transportation is possible from Bursa and Mudanya at regular intervals. If you want to use public transport in Bursa, you can check the route and departure times from the website of BURULAS company. The website:www.burulas.com.tr

 The other destination I have chosen in Bursa is Golyazi Village,38 km from the center of Bursa and is located in the west of the center. Located on the shores of Lake Ulubatli Island.  One of the most beautiful destinations I have ever seen in Turkey. Especially Halilbey Island which is connected with stone bridge.

Transportation is taking place at the university station in front of Uludag University, besides of that, it is forbidden to enter the city by car except weekends. Vehicles should be left in parking lot 5 to 6 kilometers behind of the city.

Golyazi village is an old Greek village like Trilye. This settlement, formerly called Apolium, is literally a fishing village. There is a small market and a restaurant, cafe on the edge of a  lake. Boat trips around the island are taking place.  I'd say try it.
I suggest you go to the zambak hill to enjoy the view of Halilbey Island.
Shore of the stone bride, there is a 750-year-old plane tree at the entrance to the island. Name is crying sycamore.

The number of hotels and Pensions in the Golyazi is extremely low, it can be difficult to find rooms during the busy season. My personal opinion is that daily trip will be enough for Tirilye and Golyazi. Besides, I think it would be better to spend a  time outside the busy days for golyazi.  Because you will spend most of your time on the island of Halilbey, and on busy days many tourists will be clustered in the same center. That can bother you. Infrastructure may be inadequate.

I suggest you to make organic village breakfast in the morning then enjoy the fresh and delicious pike.
In both destinations, it is the perfect choice to get away from the noise and stress of the city, as well as to taste green and blue.

 There are many destinations to visit in Bursa. Like Iznik Gemlik, but I will continue with Safranbolu and Amasra in the western Black Sea Region.

See you in Safranbolu.....


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