Thermal Spring Paradise and Pine-Scented City, KIZILCAHAMAM

The city is one of beautiful Anatolian town, surrounded by green nature and having a rich thermal spring water. Located at northern of Ankara & 80 km distance from the capital of Turkey.
Well, guys, I'm talking about Kizilcahamam, This small town waiting to be discovered, Kizilcahamam would be great choices for short term vacation.

I have been living here for a few months and exploring the city when I have available time. The city center doesn't inspire the people, but out of the city has many facilities for exploring like historical monuments, fossil trees and much more. Let it begins to share some of them.

Soguk Su Milli Park (Cold-water NationalPark): Has covered with pine forest, full of oxygen, long walking areas & a very convenient place for camping, just note that for to make camp, you ll need a permit by Ministry of Environment &Foresty, also keep it mind that you may have chance to encounter wild animals. Get Ready!:) Just kidding, I have already ask and 'so far nothing happened' officer said. 

The region, mostly using for barbecue by local people. That's why in a huge area having the equipment to make barbecue. Apart from that, around 13 km having trekking footpath and on the way, you ll have seen fossil trees, vulture surveillance tower, observation terrace which is more important to me. also, will enjoy the nature while exploring. 
Fossil trees, fossilized oak, pine trees have formed millions of years before.
Karagol (black lake): 35 km distance from the city, the lake among the pine trees, magnificent place for camping, 

Alicin Monastery: Built it in the time of the Roman Empire & 90 meters altitude and kinda tough to climb. Watch out! 
Kizilcihamam known as the Thermal spring. That's why many of people coming to a thermal pool for treatment. Thermal water with the average temperature of 30 degrees, emerging from the underground, having various gases, minerals, also has proven to be good for skin care, inner diseases. You may use it in the hotels or in private thermal pool, but if you wanna come for treatment, you need to visit here with certain periods. Better to talk doctor first.

In the city, there are many hotels large and small, one of it definitely leading of them. The name is Cam Thermal Resort, Spa &Convention Center. The hotel is 5 star, non-alcohol & located in the magnificent nature. Offers health &nature tourism. Here the website of hotel, Another hand the hotel offers nature sports activities, like ATV Motorcycle, climbing, zipline, mountain bike, jeep safari, etc...

City center, like typical other small Anatolian cities, honestly, there is not much to tell. Besides that, would like to talk about food, especially if you likes meat, you are in right place. Roast Lamb, Kizilcahamam Meatball &Sousage, KAPAMA (lamb cooked with rice), delicious village Anatolian breakfast. 
In this small town, there are many restaurants, my favorites ones, Tokdoyuran and Seyr-et restaurant. 
By the way, can easily reach natural products. There are many small shops which sell natural, villagers hand-maid product. Besides that, can find everywhere pine-scented cologne. Don't forget the buy it.:)

How about transportation? 90 km distance Ankara Esenboga airport, there are some private bus tours. Some of it
Using the bus to coming here? Metro travel company has available direct voyages.

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