Advice Before Booking A Hotel

The destination already chosen, the next step is book the hotel, my purpose is, giving some useful tips before chose the right one.
There are many websites, giving info about  hotels, location, restaurant, tours, activity.
The best one is Trip Advisor, check it out the website, you gonna see many reviews, info and advice about travel destination.

Before choosig the hotel, you need to consider about budget, and what kind of hotel that you wanna chose.
If you wanna explore the city during vacation or single journey for business, I advise you to choose boutique hotel which is the heart of the city.
How about journey with kids, family? You may need to check the environment first, it would be a bad idea to choose a hotel which is close bar street. There may be noise at midnight..... For comfort, high star hotels or suite would be right chooses for you, they offers many activities, so they won't be boring at the hotel,
About facility! if you dont wanna be regret, check facility in detail and then reads the review before book the hotel, but make sure review should be more than at least 25 if it not new hotel, then you ll have an idea about cleaning, facility and building, sometimes pictures may mislead, so don't miss to read reviews. OK, you decided place and kind of hotel, so just left to choose the hotel, there are many online travel agencies(ATA), local travel agency, hotel website.

All Costumer wanna chooses affordable and suitable for them and have many options for choosing the right one.
Online booking website may offer cheapest price because of high competition and cost less, they just put the price of the hotel set, then taking commission back
The local travel agency  may offer full package flight+transfer+hotel also guide who is responsible with costumer in your holiday destination, it's seem to be safer.
Sometimes to call the hotel, would give best option, for example, find a hotel in one of online travel agency, price is per day 100 dollar, make sure hotel gonna pay  at least%15 commission back to company, so if you call the hotel and make negotiation, may be would get price less than 100 dollar.
There is one company which is named, they also offer full package flight+hotel,
If you choose that way, hotel price getting %10 discount one of the biggest online travel agency and so popular in USA &Europa biggest online travel agency in Europa is so popular in Southeast Asia
I have used 3 of it and definitely is trustable.
If you have a chance to make early reservation you would get a better price.

There is some private website which is showing previous costumer experienced, point of satisfaction (zoover, tripadvisor), online and local travel agency also give that review too.

I hope this info would give you an idea and help to choose the right one.
Good luck!!


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