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Some Useful Travel Tips For SINGAPORE

Merlion Statue Singapore is the trading centre of Pacific Asia and is represented as a role model for many countries. I'd like to discuss with you about this country everyone adores.  I had been there many times and really enjoyed, so I think could give some valuable tips who interest to go Singapore.

My Journey from PHUKET to Koh SAMUI and BANGKOK

 Phuket To stay a month in tropical paradise  Thailand,  What a wonderful experience! Unforgettable memory...first stop was Phuket then Samui island and lastly  Bangkok, so lets start the conversation.

Best Place to Visit in JAKARTA, BALI & BATAM

Batam Island Huge and tropical country Indonesia, but need to tell that I couldn't give you enough travel tips about all part of country, because Indonesia huge country and couldn't been all yet, This island the biggest country in the Southeast Asia,