Unique Fruits From Southeast Asia

Exotic Fruit
Wanna talk about which is I never tasted before some unique fruits in Southeast Asia. I'm really glad to ever tasted and i highly recommend if you have change to try, it's gonna be good experience though. Well... then lets check this out.


This fruit from the look very scary with the sharp skin need to careful when carry it. The inside fruit texture are smooth. The taste sweet and little cannot explain myself, you need to try it though. Asian people mostly love this fruits because come seasonal, but don't forget to brush your teeth after eat, really hard smell. 


Rambutan also come seasonal. This fruit originally from Indonesia. The physical little weird have red skin and too much hair on it, that is why it call rambutan (which in Indonesia Rambut mean Hair). The taste of this fruits are very sweet with seed inside.







Manggis one of very unique fruits, nowadays it's not really easy to find it, because not to many people can plant it, little rare, the look have red or purple skin and thick. The fruit color is white and taste is little sour. 


Duku is one of people favourite, this fruits also seasonal. The skin is soft easy to open, the taste have sweet and sour depend on the age of fruits.


Salak fruits originally come from native Indonesia. This fruit physical like snake skin and thin, the fruit inside solid with seed and have off-white color, the taste is bitter sweet. 

Jambu (Guava):

Jambu Fruits have 2 kind: Jambu Air (Water Guava) and Jambu Batu (Guava). Jambu Air taste is like pear and carry lot of water. Jambu Batu taste is sweet and delicious people also like to make juice with this fruit. Both of this are easy to find in the traditional market.

Buah Naga (Dragon Fruit):

This fruit is lately famous in Southeast Asia. Buah naga have 2 kinds one is red and one is white. Both have same nutrition, people love to eat like that or make it as juice.


Longan fruit is also one of favourite. This fruit come seasonal. The physical are round like a small ball, with thin skin and brown color, the inside fruit is like a transparent jelly with round black seed, the taste is very delicious, make sure once try you will ask more.


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