Some Useful Travel Tips For SINGAPORE

Merlion Statue

Singapore is the trading centre of Pacific Asia and is represented as a role model for many countries. I'd like to discuss with you about this country everyone adores. I had been there many times and really enjoyed, so I think could give some valuable tips who interest to go Singapore.

There are many things to share in this island.. Very organized, very clean and well-groomed. I havent seen any trash in the street, even spit on the street is forbidden too.. Another hand Singapore looking very safety place, on the street or somewhere else doesn't see any police officer, so imagine! clean, safe and organized, sound good stay here honestly.

How about transportation, when I arrived to the Changi airport, directly took the subway MRT and finded easy to hotel, they have very  long underground system, do not worry about how to find places, that's easy, take the subway MRT, mostly goes to all parts of the country, also has bus service too.

Taxi? depend of your budget, could be expensive, you need to face that, Singapore; if I compare other Southeast Asia countries much more expensive place than others, but about electronic stuff I can't say same, exactly good place for buying electronic, do bargain for price, it needed until you get cheaper from their open price offer ex. phone, laptop, radio etc.

One small think let me tell, when you going some public place (cafe, restaurant, lobby, etc.) then sometimes you need to get connection and they have available free wi-fi, but when you asking password, they are saying that need to have a Singaporean phone number, that's could be bothered, well you come here for a short time for what need that number, I wish you can figure out that problem in there.
Currency is Sin dollar and very valuable money around Southeast Asia.

Here just one place that I'm not recommending you go there, that's name Geyland, it is seen like part of another country. Some area of district seeing mess up. Anyway, let me share some of adorable place of Singapore.

Orchard Road; 
The most famous part of Singapore, it is seen like heart of Country. Walk away belong the street and enjoy the city. You could see many huge malls, if you like shopping exactly need to go there, you can find anything you need, but you are more interested about cultural element, historical or traditional stuff, better to go China town or Little India.
Clarke Quay

One of the best place for night entertainment such as pub, cafe and lots of variety restaurant is in the Clarke Quay, the view from side of the river really nice to see and mostly nice cuisine is on that side of the river, but i need to tell the price is up to standard.

Though I have never been there yet which knew that is Marina Bay Sand. The location is in the centre of the city, this place very popular among tourist destination, with beautiful building architecture surrounded by the magnificent bay, local use to take pictures or even stay in this beautiful hotel.

Botanic Garden

Singapore has too many great sightseeing places and my first choice exactly Botanic garden, guys you need to see, trust my word, you not gonna be a regret, really a very beautiful place, various plant and many huge tropical trees and more.
Botanic garden is free to visit except one part of it. That is the name National Orchard garden, to visit there need to get ticket and price is 5 Sin. dollar per person.

Sentosa Island;

Second choice is Sentosa Island. You can reach this place by Sentosa express or wanna more interesting by cable car. The island will offer you a lot of pleasure and entertainment, has many tourist objects like Universal Studio, beaches, shopping centre, restaurants, gamble place and many more. If you wanna spend longer time in there, do not worry they have many good hotels, you can book before you there I suggest, because of high occupancy mostly full by the tourist.

Hotels; mostly offers only bed or bed &breakfast concept. The price varies according to the neighborhood. Orchard, Sentosa &Marina Bay places that offer the highest price. If looking for affordable ones,  Novena- Newton- Little India. The most affordable hotels in Geyland, but as I discuss on above, not recommended area.

How about food!  Honestly, as a Turkish I don't like that much, except seafood, but there are many restaurants serving western kitchen, so if not, you could choose that too.
They are mostly serving Chinese and Malay food and many Indian food too because too many Indian ethnic people working in there. All food spicy or sweet, local people don't like to put salt or just considerate. If you wanna eat seafood I giving you suggestion is around River Side (Clarke Quay), very tasty.

One more thing I adore Singapore have a very excellent point on services very professional. Singapore exactly star of Southeast Asia. So hope I give you quiet enough information and hope you could see this city which is one of  the best Country in the world.
For now made this page. I need to be ready on my next topic.


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