Sailing in Malaysia: What to See and Where to Go

Malaysia is a paradise of natural wonders. Surrounded by the South China Sea, Gulf of Thailand, Java Sea, also a sailor’s dream of crystalline waters and fine winds, with a large number of exciting sites to visit. Read on to learn about how and where to go, what to see during an incredible Malaysian sailing holiday.

How to go Sailing in Malaysia

If you’re a seasoned sailor or bareboat charterer then you know that it can be as simple as finding the right offer and reserving your charter for your desired dates. For non-sailors or those with little experience, however, the idea can be a bit more daunting.

Thankfully, crewed charters are a great alternative to sailing your own boat. Aboard a crewed charter you’re able to sit back and leave the sailing to our captain and crew. They can also be quite luxurious- the crew is also responsible for preparing meals and serving you drinks. Some even offer babysitting services!

Where to Go and What to See

Just like any other destination, Malaysia has one principal sailing hotspot and that is the Langkawi archipelago. Located in the state of Kedah, close to the Thai border, this beautiful group of 104 total islands features stunning azure waters, thousands of coves to explore, breath-taking coastlines and many places to anchor and discover new sights.

The largest island, Pulau Langkawi will normally be the starting point for your Malaysian sailing vacation. This island itself has been named a world heritage site by UNESCO; its Geo park is home to the oldest land in Malaysia, at 550 million years old. You may want to take at least a day to experience the best of the park and its rich biodiversity before climbing on board your yacht. Langkawi is also home to the Temurum Waterfall and three-tier hot springs of Air Hangat Village.
From Langkawi you can sail to what is locally known as the island of the Pregnant Maiden, or Pulau Dayang Bunting. It is the second largest island, known for a unique freshwater lake with waters that are said to be therapeutic for couples trying to conceive. Even if your biological clock isn’t ticking you can still spend the day swimming in the lake and exploring the surrounding areas.
To the west of Langkawi lies the island of Pulau Singa Besar, with its wildlife sanctuary. Here you can see the best of the island’s flora and fauna, including deer, macaques, lizards and more.

The next morning, set sail for Pulau Payar, known for its incredible snorkeling. Spend the day observing colorful fish and neon coral formations, or just lie on the beach and soak up the beautiful Malaysian sun; Tanjung Rhu Beach is one of those picture-perfect beaches that you simply won’t be able to take enough photos of.
This is just a sample itinerary for sailing through the Langkawi archipelago- there are literally thousands of places to discover. Activities abound for any taste and any age, including fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and fantastic island tours. Along the way you can also of course sample delicious seafood prepared Malaysian style, shop for great souvenirs and overall, delight in the welcoming spirit of the locals.
And as if Langkawi weren’t enough, from here you can sail north to the Adaman Sea and discover the wonders of sailing off of Thailand’s southwest coast.

You can often find great last minute bareboat charters for Langkawi, or simply search for crewed yacht charters in the region. Sailing is one of the best ways to create unforgettable memories of this special corner of the world. 


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