My Journey from PHUKET to Koh SAMUI and BANGKOK

Patong Beach
To stay a month in tropical paradise Thailand,  What a wonderful experience! Unforgettable memory...first stop was Phuket then Samui island and lastly  Bangkok, so lets start the conversation.


A beautiful February, less humidity, sunny days.... by the way people said that one of the best weather in Thailand, definitely February, let you know before coming. We have arrived here from Jakarta, Indonesia by flight, it took around three hours and we landed in Phuket Airport, took a cab forward to go hotel. While we were on the road suddenly the taxi driver stopped somewhere that he said he need to sign a paper. From inside cab I noticed the place like travel agency. Because there are too many flyer and advertisement about tour in Thailand, Then he went in, while that two ladies came to invite us to their office. We had already known they wanna sell some tour packages. Then after we learned they were doing the same things to every tourist. So if you ll going to Phuket or already been there probably same thing will or happened to you too.

In Phuket we stayed on Patong beach and it is a very good beach, but around some part of the city I couldn't say same, honestly on the street, seen like fish smelly, that was making little disappointed, having too many seafood restaurants on the street, may be thats why.
if you ask what is the best place in Phuket, in my opinion definitely some of great island around the city. For to go there I suggest you to take a tour package, do not worry, you will find so many tour agencies which offers you various amazing tour of the great small island and city tour in Thailand even you can also get involved in so many interesting water games, for me the best one is Phi Phi Island. By the way  before reach the Phi Phi ─░sland, we stoped at small island. Island, surrounded by sea sand, the beach was amazing. Got some fresh drink and sunbathe, can you imagine! then back in boat we moved to another spot for did snorkeling. And after that finally we are arrived in Phi 
Patong beach
phi island. This island amazingly beautiful, it's a small island which surrounded by some huge tall rock looks like a rock temple at the sea, the water super clear with the white sand of the beach. The Boat was stopped, then we all got lunch there together with the tour members which is included with the tour package price. After that you can explore the island and buy some gifts. You can take also hotel there in Phi Phi Island if affordable for your pocket, because it's more expensive.
Second suggest is James Bond Island (Khao Phing Kan) which is also famous one for an island tour.

Thailand has many great sightseeing, island but how about the centre of the city, I can't say much about that, it was looking little dirty and not much developed yet, seen the government need to improve more in the city object for tourism.

About night life in Patong you ll find a lot of pub and club. There is a small street I forgot the name,  full of club and pub. Who love party make sure you all like this place. Another famous thing in Thailand is Thai Boxing, they have lots of regular events for Thaibox exhibition/match. On the street every day you will saw advertising about that event, in the pickup car 2 fighters wore a boxing costume, announced it and selling the ticket too if you directly wanna buy it, its so clever advertisement idea. 
If you travel single or couple even group why don't you rent motorcycles to explore the city, really cheap to rent (try to bargain daily price), gas also cheap here. So you can go to visit some temples, traditional market, etc.
Next stop is Samui Island.


I came to Samui Island from Phuket, First go by bus to Suratthani harbour and then continue by ferry it took around 6 hours. How about  this small island? When arrived suddenly in a minute will notice that Samui Island very calm city, not really crowded and looking more green. The city is looking more organized and cleaner. I highly recommend you to rent motorcycles and explore all over the island. It has many interesting places to see, one of it on the hill there is a temple, big Budha sculpture on the top of the temple is so great we can see the all over the city from here.

Another great place is the forest object, don't leave here before explore some part of Samui Island forest with an elephant, really adorable, they really smart animals, on the way, sometimes they stop if you not giving food, they will not move till you feed them its cool, isn't it? don't worry the elephant keeper will guide you and brought their food too. To get this experience you can get a package tour from agency around the town.

Ang Tong National Marina Park is another amazing place to go.
Buy a tour package and you will feel what I say a small paradise. The tour included with some water activities. You can do kayaking on the ocean, do snorkeling too. Then the boat will stop to the small island which you will gather with all tourists. Some they do sunbath, swimming or relax at the small bar. But for me, I rather choose to see the ocean from the top of the hill. To get to the top you have to climb up, it is around 500mt and then see the view, I promised you will love it. What a surprisingly beautiful. I suggest to wear comfortable climb slippery or sneaker, don't climb with naked foot in it gonna hurt because the rock freaking sharp.
How about night life. If I compare with Phuket, here night going slower, relaxing, of course, has club and pub too, but not much variety event like in Phuket. The restaurant you will easily find. I need to suggest you to bring mosquito cream or buy it there, because in here and Phuket quite much, days and night.


The last stop is Bangkok capital of Thailand, when I arrived to Bangkok I felt kinda surprise, because I saw that such a huge and modern city. The first day I took enough rest on hotel room, then started exploring the city.
My friend told me when you get a taxi, make sure push him to open
taxi metre because they will charge you more than the normal taxi fare, even second day same thing happened to me too. The driver didn't want to open taxi metre, he gave me some price, I said what ever it takes open it, then he opened but was with angry face. And we paid much lesser than he said. Do not forget that tip.
We went to Center World Mall. It is huge and nice to enjoy and for shopping too, little expensive price like others luxury malls. But don't worry, there are many choices for affordable market in the town.
My second destination, Ocean World Aquarium this place in Siam paragon mall, you can enjoy the aquatic wonderland. It has too many variety creatures. 
In evening, good idea to go to Suan Lum Night Bazaar. It has a huge street bazaar, first if you hungry you can go to the restaurants, the food stall has variety choices of seafood, and it was delicious. Then after that you can do shopping with very affordable price and also a good place for buy Thailand gifts. In Bangkok to go to city centre by Commuter, but can't reach every part only big road. Lets hope they will extend to much place too, it's really needed because sometimes a taxi driver, making problem, most we had bad taxi experiences here, hard to find the driver wants to open metre or they will not move the car. 

In the city on the big street like many other places have a poster of the king of Thailand, here people really love him that I heard. How about temple. Exactly have many huge temples specially Wat Pho you shouldn't leave before seing this one and around there take to ride with tuk tuk, explore places with that, it's really fun to ride with tuk tuk.
About Hotel in Thailand, they have good hotel and affordable price. Bangkok has much more things to tell, but I got sick, my last week so that's why I must fnish up my trip, anyway I wish that you got enough travel tips. 
One more thing about Thai massage, you know very popular in the world and probably everyone heard about it, so I was excited for that, but when it's started I got shock, because it's hurting my body and I told myself, how could be really popular and high recommend who already tried, but make sure you will understand after massage, especially after bath, when you lay down after bath for sure you feel really relax, then you will see why so popular, it's really giving you relax and peace your body so I also highly recommend you too.  

I hope that I will come again for exploring North of Thailand, I heard about their many, amazing places to see, so for now this article done. 

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