Best Place to Visit in JAKARTA, BALI & BATAM

Barelang Bridge
Batam Island
Huge and tropical country Indonesia, but need to tell that I couldn't give you enough travel tips about all part of country, because Indonesia huge country and couldn't been all yet, This island the biggest country in the Southeast Asia,

so I will trying  to give you some travel tips for Jakarta City which is capital of country, second is Bali Island that is most famous tourist destination and the last one is Batam Island which is the free trade zone industrial city, so i hope it will help those who want travel to this places. Before that i wanna give to some useful tips for Indonesian language, their language Bahasa and Malaysia also using same language too, well better to know some of word.
Example ;  
How are you  = apa kabar          thank you = terima kasih

Please =silahkan                         see you = sampa jumpa

I'm fine =saya baik                     welcome = selamat datang

you welcome = sama sama        take care = hati hati
I'm sorry = maaf
By the way Indonesia currency is Rupiah and 1 dollar around 10000 rupiah.


When you landed to Jakarta airport directly go to counter cab the name such as blue bird and others legal taxi company, because outside there are illegal cabs, you should careful about that, they could forcing you in their cab and tried to charge you more than normal fare.
In Jakarta there is no subway yet so better to use cab to go anywhere, but mostly they have very busy traffic that's why if you have some appointment better set time earlier.

In this city has much huge and luxury mall, for me the best one Grand Indonesia, mostly people here going to mall for leisure
shopping having meals or job break time, the reason is the climate there in tropical country is very hot not enjoy longtime outside like public park. Nowadays the developer integrated building which connect to each other for business, leisure, apartment in the same area, so make everything easier for kind of busy business city like Jakarta.

Monas (national museum) the location is in the centre of the city, I highly recommend you to go there.
You can find the monument which placed on the centre of the park, in the front ground of the monument there are some interesting sculptures, inside the building there is a place for historical of this  country, memory of the journey to their freedom. When you goes to top of monument there are great view of Jakarta.

Istiqlal is the biggest mosque of Southeast Asia. This big mosque is also one of important building for this city, there is historical story behind it. If you want to visit they provide a guide for visitor so they can tell you about mosque history, for note because this holy building we should wear polite, skirt or short are not allowed.

Leisure place for having fun and its good also for family to spend their weekend is Dufan, they offers so many interesting games, do not worry to get starve while you play games, in there many restaurant with variety foods. For enter you need to buy ticked in the entrance counter.

Tanah Lot Bali


The most famous tourist destination. Bali known as the best place for the place for tradition. This island also one of the best place for surfing that's why much  surfer around the world going there. In Lovina there are beautiful beach if you can wake up early in morning you can go to watch the dolphins by boat and you can feed them.
Kuta beach is the most famous place in Bali, specially for young people, because there are many pub and night club.  

If you ask my opinion, for me best part of Bali exactly in Ubud. Place very calm, great weather too, because the location more higher than other place.
Ubud have very great view of rice terracing they use irrigation concept, you can enjoy the nature view, when i was there while dine at some restaurant i found so peace feeling because surrounded by green area.
Monkey Forest also very interesting place for visit, but just be careful about your things inside the bags or food don't show in front of them, they are aggressive, it's danger.
How about food ? for me the best tasty restaurant is in Jimbaran beach area. Their specilality is seafood, you must try and drink young coconut, the popular tropical beverage.

Indonesia %75 percent is Muslim which is got from random data, but in Bali mostly Hindu so that's why too many huge Temple, even I visit one heavenly beautiful is on the lake, Tanah Lot. There also another big temple the name is Besakih.


Batam is far away from Jakarta and by flight it takes 1 hour, 15 min. Batam Island located near to Singapore by ship it takes around an hour or less.
That small island has many industrial company and factory, the countries such Japan, China, Korea, USA and others to invest.

Batam island is free trade zone, because of also near to some country like Singapore, Malaysia. This small island looking more developed city than other part of Indonesia. They have good business with Singapore even too much Singaporean come to here for shopping and spa, in here much cheaper if you compare with Singapore and also Batam people regularly visit there for shopping, leisure. I admitted that they have very good massage centre, it not too expensive and high standard services. Here also people love to sing, that's why can find many karaoke place.
There is bridge which is name Barelang. Nice view there like make connection two separate island.
Batam city people really so peaceful and respectful and this island is quiet safety and has good opportunity for investment.
Next to Batam Island there is a another island the name Bintan Island that's island is one of the best for golf area, there are many huge golf hotel, many golf tournament made in here.

Indonesian food,
people here love spicy and sweet foods. In my life first time I ate sweet chicken, but if you wanna try, get this chicken with honey or lemon, i loved that one .
They have variety fruits that i never saw before and their food really different if you compare with western kitchen, it would be nice for you to try.

What I learned about Indonesian people, they really calm and friendly also generous smile, make sure they will try to help even if some don't know English, they are pushing themselves for helping you.
Well, travelers I hope this information will help you and I'm pretty sure you will like Indonesia.


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