Bali And Thai Massage

Bali Massage
Thai Massage

Bali and Thai massage, the both style of massage really popular in the world, so I already tried many times both of this and I can tell what different between them, but make sure both of it giving you peace after done with different style, well let me start.

 Bali Massage:

Massage ritual actually already happened long time ago, people doing massage for some reason, first massage known as a healing activity for some body / muscle aches. I found interest fact that nowadays massage already be a lifestyle for metropolitan citizen. The user like Athlete, Businessman, Worker, Socialite, Student, etc. Like worker when asked why they do massage, how often and when. They said massage can make them relax after busy routinely, They mostly go there after work time or break time or after rough work day. Yes indeed, i myself really enjoy it, with good and right massage technical I definitely got same feeling, relax, fresh and like restart my mind and body. 

Bali Massage (Traditional Bali Massage) is one form of traditional Indonesia massage. Originating from Bali Island. This massage also popular in the world. Even in my country Turkey easily to find in big hotels. This massage involves of combination of techniques including massage, acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy in one session. This massage can help for muscle aches, and ease pain. 

For massage treatment they gonna provide cream, oil or powder that you will choose. The oil have different type of aromatherapy, in some service also doing with reflexology stick and also at the end they gonna offer you free warm ginger tea, what a good to end it, right? make sure after done you get satisfied feeling and wanna come again. For advise choose the massage place which have name or reputation, you can ask in hotel you stayed, ask people who knows, or ask at tour information mostly they have good massage/spa name list. About the price don't worry not really expensive. it worth. 

Thai Massage:

When you going to Thailand, on the street and in the malls has many Thai massage services and you need to find good one, for me let you know adult woman doing better than young woman, that's my experience, anyway.

Thai Massage, an ancient healing art, is a balanced blend of physical, energetic and spiritual healing technique and concept.

Thai massage they said, maybe more than thousand years ago come from Buddhist healing technique. The technique are like shoulders releasing, hips opening, spine lengthening, stretching entire of body. During massage you will feel that you are doing gymnastic act.

Period at least taking an hour, you need to wear comfortable clothes to the massage, no oil applied.

Honestly it could give you little painful, if you asking me, yes definitely gave me pain too, but after done, also after took bath, you will feel relax and fresh. For me I mostly choosing Bali massage softly and while massage giving you peaceful even sometimes i slept while massage but make sure in Thai massage you will not have this chance.
Here people saying that Thai massage exactly medicine for body health, great way taking out stresses and improving circulation so you could get for your body health. One small suggestion, don't eat much meal just before the massage. 

Good luck and Enjoy.


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