Affordable Transportation in Southeast Asia

Budget Traveler

Here is some advice for budget traveler.
From my experienced I have been travelling to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, so I'm gonna try to give you some info for affordable transportation.
There is a one of the cheapest leading company Air Asia, they are really famous in Southeast Asia zone, this airway going to many various city and giving cheaper price than others.

One time like 3 years ago, I got promotion price from Jakarta to Phuket and only paid  around 40 US dollar.
So check it out  Air Asia website, see it any promotion and book early save more money.

You have also option by train, there is a big train line from Kuala
Lumpur to Singapore-Bangkok and price is really low, but one think let me tell, if you get ticket from Singapore to Malaysia price is getting up but from Malaysia to Singapore much cheaper, I don't know the reason.

Here is website and you can check out the lines and fare , also during trip, have great view to see so if you not traveling night, don't sleep and enjoy the view.
In Singapore and Malaysia has very good bus/coach system too, 
price is little cheaper and faster, there are many company some of names is Aeroline Express, Five Star Express, Konsortium Express.

In Thailand transportation cheapest way exactly by bus, you can ask how about from island to another island?
You don't need another ticket, because bus company also provide

ship ticket too, for example I took ticket from Phuket to Samui Island, so we goes until Surattahani by bus and then took ship to Samui island, let me give one of website even you can find many more

Indonesia has too many island and huge country so that's why mostly tourist using plane because time saving, also some flight company giving affordable price too, so this airline the affordable ones, Citilink and Air Asia.

For shorter way, available transportation are Bus and Ship also popular to use. For example you are from Cengkareng airport in Jakarta and wanna go other city like Bekesi, Bandung, Bogor or other which in the same island you can take bus Damri, get the ticket directly from their counter at airport this one is government company, cheaper price yet comfortable, the website also have some private like i know the one popular Cipaganti tour and travel trustable company. They have to many service like ticketing, taxi, touristic bus, travel, shuttle, document package and logistic, car rent normal and premium. You can find them at any airport or can check their website
Sea Transportation by ship the government company have to many various departure from one island to others, you can check the website here

Hope this information gonna help you.


Have you tried the Tuktuk in Thailand? Oh and public transportation in the Philippines include the jeepney! Of course these transportation are for short distance commute only.

Unknown said…
Yes of course i tried and it was fun, but as you know tuktuk really for short distance,
jeepney i saw one time in Tv and i guess Jeepney could be use for longer distance if you compare with tuktuk.

Dwayne Dwayne said…
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