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Affordable Transportation in Southeast Asia

Here is some advice for budget traveler. From my experienced I have been travelling to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, so I'm gonna try to give you some info for affordable transportation.
There is a one of the cheapest leading company Air Asia, they are really famous in Southeast Asia zone, this airway going to many various city and giving cheaper price than others.

A Few of Antalya's Natural Wonders

For last 6 years I couldn't been on abroad. Why ? Because of our currency is melting. I mean In 2014 1 USD dollar was 2,19 Turkish lira how about now around 6,85 Turkish lira & and for 6 years our money melting regularly.  As a result it's becoming expensive to visit the other countries.
So I have decided to introduce beauty of Turkey. It's definitely more affordable. On the other hand, in my country there are hundreds of beauties to tell.

Concerning The Agenda

25.03.2020 I lie down on the sofa, staying home for a week and I think it will be contunie for a while longer. As all we know, the cause is Corona virus, with the new name Covid-19.
I have been working in hospitality industry and currently not working at all and i have no idea when i can back to work. Offices, hotels closed, streets empty.

BOLU, The Country's Green Paradise

Bolu is a small Anatolian city with all the beautifull nature in the middle of two metropolitan.
Bolu-Ankara 190 km/Bolu-İstanbul 260 km.
Known as Turkey's green paradise; most part of the city is surrounded by forest. The whole time of the year is home to many tourist. My aim is to reflect these beauties, albeit in part.

A Journey Through History of Sultanahmet Istanbul

The cradle of civilization Istanbul & the heart of Istabul, Sultanahmet. The Region in Europian side of Istanbul & belong the Fatih subprovince.
This peninsula was the center of many different of civilizations . Imagine! Hagia Sofia-Blue Mosque- Obelix-Basilica  Cistern-Topkapı Place-Byzantine-Roman walls and more....All of it in Sultanahmet district. Awesome!!!

Safranbolu & Amasra; Two Unique Cities in the Black Sea Region

SAFRANBOLU which is listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco; AMASRA; the Pearl of the Black Sea.
The both destinations, there are unique beauties in the world, and my aim is to introduce these beauties to you. Let's start with Safranbolu first.

Tirilye & Golyazi Town Where History and Nature Meet

Turkey is a country full of different beauties in every field, many historical and natural attractions. I hadn't traveled for a long time because of the program.I finally have got a week trip. I chose the provinces of Bursa, Karabuk and Bartin .

Thermal Spring Paradise and Pine-Scented City, KIZILCAHAMAM

The city is one of beautiful Anatolian town, surrounded by pine forest and having a rich thermal spring water. Located at northern of Ankara & 80 km distance from the capital of Turkey. Another hand; the city kinda close to another popular tourism destination like Bolu, Safranbolu,Sapanca.
Well, guys, I'm talking about Kizilcahamam, this small town waiting to be discovered.

Advice Before Booking A Hotel

The destination already chosen, the next step is book the hotel, my purpose is, giving some useful tips before chose the right one.
There are many websites, giving info about  hotels, location, restaurant, tours, activity.
The best one is Trip Advisor, check it out the website, you gonna see many reviews, info and advice about travel destination.

Some Useful Travel Tips For SINGAPORE

Singapore is the trading centre of Pacific Asia and is represented as a role model for many countries. I'd like to discuss with you about this country everyone adores. I had been there many times and really enjoyed, so I think could give some valuable tips who interest to go Singapore.

My Journey from PHUKET to Koh SAMUI and BANGKOK

To stay a month in tropical paradise Thailand,  What a wonderful experience! Unforgettable memory...first stop was Phuket then Samui island and lastly  Bangkok, so lets start the conversation.

Best Place to Visit in JAKARTA, BALI & BATAM

Huge and tropical country Indonesia, but need to tell that I couldn't give you enough travel tips about all part of country, because Indonesia huge country and couldn't been all yet, This island the biggest country in the Southeast Asia,

Sailing in Malaysia: What to See and Where to Go

Malaysia is a paradise of natural wonders. Surrounded by the South China Sea, Gulf of Thailand, Java Sea, also a sailor’s dream of crystalline waters and fine winds, with a large number of exciting sites to visit. Read on to learn about how and where to go, what to see during an incredible Malaysian sailing holiday.

Unique Fruits From Southeast Asia

Wanna talk about which is I never tasted before some unique fruits in Southeast Asia. I'm really glad to ever tasted and i highly recommend if you have change to try, it's gonna be good experience though. Well... then lets check this out.

Bali And Thai Massage

Bali and Thai massage, the both style of massage really popular in the world, so I already tried many times both of this and I can tell what different between them, but make sure both of it giving you peace after done with different style, well let me start.