Safranbolu & Amasra; Two Unique Cities in the Black Sea Region

SAFRANBOLU which is listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco; AMASRA; the Pearl of the Black Sea.
The both destinations, there are unique beauties in the world, and my aim is to introduce these beauties to you. Let's start with Safranbolu first.

Tirilye & Golyazi Town Where History and Nature Meet

Turkey is a country full of different beauties in every field, many historical and natural attractions. I hadn't traveled for a long time because of the program.I finally have got a week trip. I chose the provinces of Bursa, Karabuk and Bartin .

Thermal Spring Paradise and Pine-Scented City, KIZILCAHAMAM

The city is one of beautiful Anatolian town, surrounded by pine forest and having a rich thermal spring water. Located at northern of Ankara & 80 km distance from the capital of Turkey. Another hand; the city kinda close to another popular tourism destination like Bolu, Safranbolu,Sapanca.
Well, guys, I'm talking about Kizilcahamam, this small town waiting to be discovered.

Advice Before Booking A Hotel

The destination already chosen, the next step is book the hotel, my purpose is, giving some useful tips before chose the right one.
There are many websites, giving info about  hotels, location, restaurant, tours, activity.
The best one is Trip Advisor, check it out the website, you gonna see many reviews, info and advice about travel destination.

Some Useful Travel Tips For SINGAPORE

I would like to give useful information and travel tips for Southeast Asia. First let start from my journey in Singapore.
I had been there many times and really enjoyed, so I think could give some valuable info who interest to go Singapore.

My Journey from PHUKET to Koh SAMUI and BANGKOK

Another trip in Thailand,  stayed in there a month and was February, by the way people said that one of the best weather in here, definitely February, let you know before coming. So first stop was Phuket then Samui island and last place was Bangkok, so lets start.

Best Place to Visit in JAKARTA, BALI & BATAM

Huge and tropical country Indonesia, but need to tell that I couldn't give you enough travel tips about all part of country, because Indonesia huge country and couldn't been all yet, This island the biggest country in the Southeast Asia,